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    365 Bible Reading

    May 5 – Matthew 23

    LOOK:  Jesus warns the religious lost about their showy religion.  He tells them how much He does not like the way they put themselves out there to be seen and admired by men.  Jesus then warns us not to be putting men up to be honored above God but instead that every minister must be a servant and humble instead.

    LISTEN:  We can see how much Jesus demands that we put self to death and learn humility.  We need to be reminded that the opposite of love is not hate…it is selfishness and pride.  The Great Command is to love God and love people more than we love ourselves and that is impossible to do when we are self absorbed and selfish.

    LEARN:  When is the last time that you put others above yourself?  How are you doing at taking up your cross and denying yourself?

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