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    365 Bible Reading

    May 2 – Matthew 21

    LOOK:  Matthew leaves out a fascinating detail about the Triumphal entry…Jesus is weeping loudly as he enters the city.  He cries for their wrong belief that He was there to take over as earthly king when He was actually coming there to die for their sins.  Jesus enters the temple in Jerusalem and clears it of all the ungodly selling and money changing.  My favorite story is tucked in this passage – Jesus and the fig tree…check it out…it always makes me laugh!  Jesus is then challenged about His authority and tells two parables to confront His enemies.

    LISTEN:  We are hearing about Jesus’ last days before His death.  He is heading to Jerusalem to die an agonizing death for our sins.  As you read, I hope you see the focus He has on giving people a final warning about Who He is and what He is there to do.

    LEARN:  Stop for a second to thank God for Jesus and His wonderful gift of Salvation.

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