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    365 Bible Reading

    May 1 – Matthew 20
    LOOK: Jesus tells the story about workers in a vineyard and how they were paid by the owner. Some worked all day for a days wage and others only an hour for the same wage. The workers that worked all day were upset, feeling like they deserved more pay (I would be upset too!). Jesus makes a point about forgiveness and future reward as a matter of grace from God that only He can give and choose to lavish on whoever He chooses. Next a mother requests prominent positions in the future kingdom for her sons. Jesus explains that the request was inappropriate and then deals with the other disciples who were upset about the request. Jesus reminds His disciples for the third time that He was heading to Jerusalem to suffer and die. Jesus takes the time to heal two blind men on the roadside.
    LISTEN: The story from the vineyard is a great reminder of the nature of grace. Grace is undeserved favor and unwarranted forgiveness. Grace is not getting what you deserve (Hell) and instead getting what you don’t deserve (Heaven). Who are we to consider judging the fairness of God? We should be thankful that God chooses to be gracious and not “fair”.
    LEARN: Have you thanked God lately for His grace? Have you stopped to consider what your eternal destiny would be if not for the grace of God?

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