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    365 Bible Reading

    April 28 – Matthew 17 & 18 (error on schedule)

    LOOK:  The Transfiguration happens in this chapter.  Peter, James and John are with Jesus when they experience this incredible happening.  They are astonished and not sure how to react.  How awesome this had to have been for these guys to experience the relationship between God the Father and God the Son.  Jesus then heals a man’s demon-possessed son because of the man’s faith.  I love the temple tax section because it reveals that all the disciples but Peter and Jesus were teenagers!!  In Chapter 18 shows God’s love for young people…first showing a child as the answer to “who is the greatest in heaven?” then warning about causing any child to sin.  He continues by talking about how much heaven rejoices when any “little one” comes to God.

    LISTEN:  The story of Jesus healing the man’s demon-possessed son is amazing!  The disciples were not able to help this family and I’m sure they had to be frustrated.  Jesus rebukes the crowd for their unbelief and proceeds to heal the boy.  He then uses the experience to teach His disciples about faith.  In chapter 18 Jesus talks about sin…causing others to sin, when someone sins against you and forgiving others in this sin cursed world.

    LEARN:  Do you have the faith of a mustard seed?  Any mountains move lately?  How are you making every effort to let the “little ones” know about God?  How are you handling your sin and the sins against you?

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