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    365 Bible Reading

    April 26 – Matthew 16

    LOOK:  “Red at night…sailor’s delight.  Red in the morning…sailor’s take warning.”  This famous line used by fisherman is used by Jesus to rebuke those who were asking for a sign from heaven.  Jesus warns the disciples to watch out for people like the Pharisees who were religious but lost.  Peter gets commended for answering correctly about Who Jesus was and then later is rebuked for not understanding that Jesus came to suffer and die for our sins.  Jesus is preparing His disciples for the fact that His death was coming soon.

    LISTEN:  I really like the fact that Peter gets it right one minute and the next Jesus is saying, “Get behind me, Satan”.  I can definitely relate to Peter and appreciate his experience of highs and lows in his journey with Christ.  Remember, at one point he was the only one with enough faith to get out of the boat and walk on water but the next minute he’s heading down about to drown.

    LEARN:  How’s your journey with Christ?  Are you experiencing some highs and lows?  Don’t be discouraged…it’s all part of the journey.  Keep growing!

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