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    365 Bible Reading

    April 25 – Matthew 15

    LOOK:  Jesus is being confronted by the religious lost again.  They were unhappy that the disciples would eat without ceremonially washing their bowls, cups and hands (religious tradition).  Jesus turns and accuses the Pharisees of breaking the law of God by not caring for their parents.  Jesus later explains to His disciples that religious tradition is man’s version of righteousness.  He challenged them to consider what was coming out of their lives as a sign of real righteousness.  Jesus has a conversation with a Canaanite woman and healed her daughter even though she was not Jewish because of her faith.  The chapter ends with the feeding of the four thousand, another example of Jesus’ power and authority.

    LISTEN:  I really like Jesus’ teaching about what really defiles a person.  We can be so caught up with doing our religious duties while our lives our lacking true righteousness.  God wants us to live our lives from the inside out…He wants us to be transformed on the inside so that the result will be a life producing the fruit of righteousness.

    LEARN:  What’s happening on the inside of you?  Are the things in your heart and mind pure before God?  You will eventually act out what you are really like on the inside.  You can only put on a religious front for so long.  Is it real in you?

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