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    365 Bible Reading

    April 24 – Matthew 14

    LOOK:  This passage is divided into three parts: 1) John the Baptist is beheaded – Herod hated John for his message about Jesus and how he confronted Herod’s sin.  2) Jesus feeds the five thousand – I like to point out that Jesus was showing compassion for the crowd but He was also teaching His disciples.  3) Jesus walks on water and then mentors Peter who asks Jesus if he could join Him on the water. 

    LISTEN:  Much of the book of Matthew is written to prove Jesus’ power and authority to a Jewish audience.  However, we can learn from these writings and apply appropriate principles.

    LEARN:  Are you willing to confront in love (like John the Baptist) even if it costs you something?  Are you serving Jesus with the right motives and endurance like Jesus challenged His disciples?  Do you have the faith and desire of Peter to get out of the boat and follow Jesus with a growing faith?

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