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    365 Bible Reading

    April 23 – Matthew 13

    LOOK:  In this passage we hear several parables.  Parables are often referred to as, “earthly stories with a heavenly meaning”.  Jesus taught in parables for the benefit of His true followers.  Notice that Jesus would speak a parable to the multitudes and explain it to those followers who would listen. 

    LISTEN:  Read the parables in this passage and listen to the explanation that Jesus provides.

    LEARN:  Questions we should ask:  1) What have I done with the Gospel of Jesus that I have heard?  2) Am I the wheat or the weeds that Jesus referenced? 3) Am I on guard from the attacks of Satan on the truth? 4) Is God’s future kingdom worth more than anything in this life to me?  5) Jesus says that the righteous and wicked will be separated at the end of this age…Am I part of the group of righteous?

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