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    365 Bible Reading

    April 21 – Matthew 12

    LOOK:  This passage shows the continual attack of the Pharisees against Jesus.  They attack Him about disobeying the Sabbath and Jesus responds that He is Lord of the Sabbath not a servant of it.  Jesus heals people on the Sabbath and casts out demons but the Pharisees claim that He is actually Satan not the Son of God.  Jesus explains how that would be impossible and makes a clear claim that He was the Son of God.

    LISTEN:  The religious lost did not accept Jesus for who He was.  They not only tried to diminish Him in front of the people, they plotted to kill Him…and eventually put a plan into effect.

    LEARN:  Make no mistake…Jesus is God’s Son and He accomplished His mission!  He became sin for us and suffered the consequences of our rebellion.  He is coming back…be ready!

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