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    365 Bible Reading

    April 9 – Matthew 3

    LOOK:  John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus.  That was his whole life purpose…to prepare the way for Jesus!  John was such a wild man, eating bugs and wearing Fred Flintstone clothing.  He calls the Pharisees a bunch of snakes when they come out to see what John was up to.  He preaches about salvation through Jesus only.  Jesus comes to John and asks to be baptized and John says that he is not worthy and should be baptized by Jesus but he obeys and baptizes Jesus in the Jordan (I’ve been to the Jordan and baptized people there…I was even baptized in that location).

    LISTEN:  John was Jesus’ cousin.  John jumped in his mother’s womb when Mary came to visit with Jesus in her womb.  John was all about Jesus…he existed to proclaim Jesus! 

    LEARN:  Are you all about Jesus?  How are you proclaiming Him today?

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