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    365 Bible Reading

    April 7 – Matthew 2

    LOOK:  This passage is mostly about the wise men from the East that come to worship the child Jesus.  King Herod tries to use these men to help him find Jesus and have him killed.  God’s protection was on the child Jesus and the wise men were warned not to go back to Herod.  The sad truth in this section is that Herod had all the boys in Jerusalem that were two years old and younger murdered in an attempt to kill Jesus.

    LISTEN:  The contrast in this passage is very clear.  Herod wants to find Jesus to kill Him, while the wise men want to find Him to worship Him.  What will you do with Jesus?

    LEARN: Probably the most overused saying every Christmas is, “Wise men still seek Him”.  The sentiment is good.  Are you seeking Him?  For what purpose?

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