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    365 Bible Reading

    March 24 – Galatians 3

    LOOK:  Paul really gets after the believers in Galatia for heading backwards and relying on the law.  Paul spends a great portion of this passage explaining that the law can not bring life but only guilt.  Life can only be found in Christ by faith in His atoning sacrifice on the cross.

    LISTEN:  The warning for us today would be to understand grace.  It could be easy to trust in our righteousness and begin to think of ourselves as accepted by God because of our goodness and deserving religious lives.  Our righteousness only comes from Christ and we deserve nothing but death but because of God’s great mercy, He gives us life.

    LEARN:  Guard yourself from becoming arrogant about your goodness.  Remember, the Bile tells us that all of our good works are like a pile of filthy rags!

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