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    365 Bible Reading

    February 16 – Acts 19

    LOOK:  Paul’s ministry journey continues.  He meets believers who have not received the Holy Spirit and he prays over them and they receive the Spirit of God.  Paul’s ministry is growing in reach and strength.  This passage says that even handkerchiefs and aprons that he touched could heal people.  Paul’s ministry in Ephesus results in a riot and barely is calmed down by the city clerk.

    LISTEN:  Many take advantage of this passage to argue for the special use of gifts like speaking in tongues, miraculous healings, blessed handkerchiefs, etc.  However, this was the beginning of the new church and God used these miracles to confirm His servants and deliver His Holy Spirit on those who believed but never received the Spirit.  Since the early church got its roots, I believe that those special gifts have ceased and are not necessary.

    LEARN:  Where do you stand on the issues presented in this passage?  Are you a “dispensationalist” like myself or do you believe these gifts are still in use today?  Whether or not we agree should not cause us division.  Biblical love demands that we respect one another.

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