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    365 Bible Reading

    February 15 – Acts 18

    LOOK:  Paul continues to journey for the Lord.  He stays with Aquila and Pricilla where he makes “tents” for a living.  These tents could be small portable tents used by travelers or the “tallit” = prayer shawl used by the Jews on a daily basis.

    Paul continues to be abused by the Jewish community and then takes the Gospel to the Gentiles were many believe and are saved.  Apollos is a strong teacher for the cause of Christ even though he still needs to learn more from the disciples.  He is sent to learn and grow while he is still being effective refuting the Jews and proclaiming Christ.

    LISTEN:  I’m struck with difficulty the Jewish community had with accepting Jesus as the Messiah and then I realize that many still have not come to faith in Christ. Simply put, Jesus came to the Jews first but they rejected Him.  They missed Him and continue to miss Him as Messiah today.

    LEARN:  We should be concerned for anyone who rejects Christ.  Our concern should be compassionate and not aggressive.  If you know someone who needs Jesus, pray for them today and look for ways to share the Gospel with them.

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