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    365 Bible Reading

    February 14 – Acts 17

    LOOK:  Paul, Silas and Timothy preach the Gospel in Thessalonica and are harassed, eventually having to leave the area.  In Berea, they are received well and many come to faith in Christ.  However, those pesky trouble makers from Thessalonica come there and cause trouble for the there too.  Eventually, they send Paul away for his safety but Silas and Timothy stay to encourage the believers.  Paul ends up in Athens where he has the most masterful speech in front of an interested crowd of idol worshippers.

    LISTEN:  We continue to see the spreading of the Gospel.  Even though the apostles are facing persecution, they remain obedient and faithful and every time they have to separate for their safety, God uses this to multiply their efforts.  Just think…if Paul didn’t have to flee for his life, we would never have his masterful speech in Athens.

    LEARN:  Listening to Paul in Athens approach the Gospel to a people who do not believe in God gives us a great example of how to preach the Gospel to unbelievers.  Paul was tactful, gracious and respectful.  Let’s consider how we can preach the Gospel with gentleness and respect.

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