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    365 Bible Reading

    February 13 – Acts 16

    LOOK:  Paul and Silas are on their missionary journey and they recruit a young Timothy.  The Bible makes it clear that Paul and his entourage are led by God on this journey.  They go to Macedonia as directed in a vision and meet Lydia who receives the Lord and hosts the group.  Next they meet a demon possessed woman who made a living by fortunetelling.  They cast out her demon and restore the woman.  The people who make money off this woman throw a fit and have Paul and Silas arrested and beaten.  God miraculously gets Paul and Silas free from prison and even the jailer gets saved and his whole family. 

    LISTEN:  When reading this passage, I am impressed with how God guides and directs His servants.  The important issue for God’s servants is obedience. 

    LEARN:  Are you listening to the direction of God for your life?  Be careful not to live the self-absorbed life common today.  Walk closely with God and let Him lead.

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