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    365 Bible Reading

    February 12 – Acts 15

    LOOK:  Well, we made it to chapter 15 and the early church already had a controversy and had to have a meeting and write a letter.  This sounds so familiar it’s sadly funny.  The dispute is over the Gentiles that are being saved and the division between the Jews about the requirements they had to meet.  The church did the right thing by sending Paul and Barnabas with the official ruling and to encourage the Gentiles in their faith.  However, after this issue is resolved, the next ignites.  Paul and Barnabas part ways over a dispute they had about who was worthy to travel with them to do the work of the Lord.

    LISTEN:  It had to be an interesting time for the early church.  The Gentiles being saved had to throw many for a loop.  They probably never saw that coming and it had to go against everything they knew and believed.  I am excited to read about the brave leaders who stood up for the right and endured the ridicule of their peers.  By the way, God can even use the disputes that happen in the church.  When Paul and Barnabas part ways the result was that there were now two teams preaching the Gospel.  Their division was God’s multiplication.

    LEARN:  Don’t go looking for trouble in the church, but recognize that from the earliest of times the believers struggled to get along.  The church is not a place for perfect people, just the perfect place for broken people!

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