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    365 Bible Reading

    February 8 – Acts 13

    LOOK:  Paul and Barnabas are chosen to go and preach the Gospel as missionaries.  Their first encounter is with a sorcerer that Paul declares wicked and strikes him with blindness.  Paul and Barnabas speak in the synagogue and amaze the people with the story of the Gospel.  They are invited back on the next Sabbath to speak again but the Jewish leaders develop anger and jealousy and attack them strongly.  Paul confirms the new paradigm of reaching the Gentiles when the Jews reject the Gospel.

    LISTEN:  The story seems to repeat itself…God sends His servants…they face persecution…they rise to the occasion…they preach the Gospel…they are driven out of town…they continue go and preach the Gospel.

    LEARN:  I’m stuck with the steady obedience of Paul and Barnabas.  They continue to do what’s right despite the circumstance.  Are we resolved to obey God no matter what the consequences might be?

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