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    365 Bible Reading

    February 7 – Acts 12

    LOOK:  The story of Peter’s miraculous escape from prison is a favorite for many people.  Herod had Peter taken to prison with intentions to have him killed after Passover in order to make the Jews happy.  Herod had already killed many who followed Christ.  Peter was surrounded by 16 Roman guards and chained to the floor but an angel escorted him out of prison without anyone catching them.  All the guards are executed and Herod himself dies shortly after that in a horrific judgment from God.  Peter goes to a house where they are having a prayer meeting for him but they don’t believe it could be him when he arrives.

    LISTEN:  The followers of Christ suffered greatly in early Christianity.  They were in continuous danger.  They displayed courage and boldness in the face of torture and suffering.  However, what strikes me in this passage is that the people at the prayer meeting obviously did not believe that God could do what they were praying for.  They were praying for Peter’s safety and couldn’t believe it when he was rescued.

    LEARN:  Do we pray with faith or out of obligation?  Do we believe that God is and He can do whatever we ask in His name?  Perhaps we don’t see mountains moving because we don’t have even the faith of the mustard seed.

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