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    365 Bible Reading

    February 2 – Acts 9

    LOOK:  The conversion of Saul…God chooses the worst of the worst by calling Saul to service in His kingdom.  The conversion was miraculous to say the least with bright lights and a voice from heaven.  Then a disciple named Ananias is told to minister to this former terrorist.  Ananias obeys even though he is full of fear.  Many believers doubt Paul’s conversion and are afraid that it is just a trap.  The rest of this chapter is about the ministry of Peter, healing the lame and raising the dead.  Many people at this time are becoming believers.

    LISTEN:  Ananias could almost get lost in all the miracles happening in this chapter but I love his obedience. Ananias asks God the appropriate questions for clarification but does exactly what God asks and brings Paul into the fold of believers.

    LEARN:  Are you willing to do whatever God asks?  Better question…are you doing what God has already asked?  God has commanded each believer to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  Go and preach!

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