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    365 Bible Reading

    February 1 – Acts 8

    LOOK:  This passage starts out were the last one left…Saul is still in the business of torturing the believers.  Philip was ministering boldly and people were being saved and rescued from demonic oppression.  Simon the sorcerer was saved and baptized but offered the apostles money to be able to lay hands on people to give them the Holy Spirit.  Philip rebuked Simon for such a wicked offer and pointed out the sinful nature of his heart.  Philip then notices an Ethiopian reading the book of Isaiah while sitting in his chariot.  He starts up a conversation which led to an explanation of Jesus and the Gospel.  The Ethiopian believes and is baptized by Philip immediately.  Then Philip disappears and reappears in a different location…Cool!!

    LISTEN:  I’m impressed with Philip’s ministry and boldness in a time when it was dangerous to proclaim Jesus in public.  Philip was effective in every situation he was presented both publicly and in private conversations.

    LEARN:  I want to be effective for Christ even when it is dangerous!  I also want to be effective for Christ in small, private conversations with people who need Jesus.

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