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    365 Bible Reading

    Sorry for the repeat…getting my days straight!

    January 11 – Mark 9

    LOOK:  The account of the transfiguration is amazing!  Can you imagine being there?  I’m sure the disciples present were overwhelmed.  Then we hear about the Father trying to get his son healed from demon possession.  He is desperate and the disciples can’t seem to do the job.  Jesus rebukes not only the demon but the crowd because of their lack of faith.

    Jesus continues to remind the disciples that His death was coming soon while He trained and equipped them for ministry.

    We then read the hard teaching about “causing to stumble”.  It is difficult to read and apply.  I suggest some time in a commentary for this section.

    LISTEN:  I’m struck by the conversation Jesus had with the father who needed help for his son.  I like the effort and the honesty this man had with Jesus.  “I do believe, help me with my unbelief”.  Great words that I think we could all repeat.

    LEARN:  I want to grow in my faith…not my head knowledge of the Bible or Jesus…I want to have a radical faith that transforms my actions.  It must be true that we hardly even tap into the power of God because of our weak faith.  Ask for help today in any areas were you lack faith.

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