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    365 Bible Reading

    January 9 – Mark 7

    LOOK:  This passage starts with the Jesus and His disciples being accused of not obeying God’s Law by following Jewish customs.  Jesus makes it clear that true spirituality comes from the inside and effects the outside not the other way around.  Jesus then heals a Greek woman and has a most strange conversation with her.  Jesus than heals a deaf man.

    LISTEN:  I’m impressed with the message that Jesus is bringing to the Jews.  He is letting them know that their religiosity is not impressing God.  Jesus makes it clear that the Gospel is for all who will believe including those outside the Jewish heritage.  Jesus taught than illustrated His teaching with His actions.

    LEARN:  I’m reviewing what I consider my religious life.  How much of it is tradition and habits instead of a heart response of faith in what Christ has done to save me?  I pray that my version of “church” and “faith” pleases God and is more about Him than it is about me.

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