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    365 Bible Reading

    January 5 – Mark 5

    LOOK:  One of my favorite passages…Jesus removes a legion of demons torturing a man, sending them into a herd of pigs that run off a cliff and drown on the sea.  This shows the power and authority Jesus has over all things even the unseen world.  Jesus then goes to raise a dead girl but instead is touched secretly by a woman with an illness that had plagued her for twelve years.  The woman is healed and Jesus still goes and raises the girl from the dead.

    LISTEN:  These verses are here to establish Jesus’ authority and confirm His identity.  The people that experienced these things had strange responses…the town asked Jesus to leave, perhaps His power scared them.  The woman just wanted to touch the edge of His garment and not bother Him or make a scene.  People do weird things with Jesus!

    LEARN:  What am I doing with Jesus?  I pray that I understand His power and authority.  I pray that I won’t make Him little and powerless in my life.  Jesus deserves preeminence!!

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    1. Pamela Ochoa

      I love this passage too. For 12 years her illness had made her mere touch something that defiled others. So when she secretively approached Jesus she quickly touched the “edge” of Jesus’ cloak and turned to run away. Had this woman touched the tassel of a Pharisee, he would have most likely recoiled in horror, considering himself corrupted by her. But the touch of Jesus brings cleansing and restoration. Somehow this woman summoned up just enough faith to reach out, believing that if she only touched his cloak, she would be healed. I’m sure her shame must have kept her isolated from others for many years.
      But from this woman’s reaching out to Jesus I learn that Jesus is sensitive to our pain, even when the crowds around us are callous. Jesus meets us at the point of our desperation (v. 43). We need only enough faith to fall at Jesus’ feet (v. 47). Over coming shame requires rejecting our human ideas and accepting God’s words and promises in our lives. Jesus sough out the woman in public, referring to her as “Daughter” and declaring her to be “healed” . When he directed her to “go in peace”, he would have used the Hebrew word shalom-a term that encompasses wholeness, restoration and blessing as you spoke about in one of your previous sermons.
      Also, the passage about the demon possessed man who lived among the tombs cut himself with stones. Makes me wonder if the cutting that we see people doing today is related to evil spirits as well. And why did the people plead for Jesus to leave after he had saved this man?

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