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    365 Bible Reading

    January 31 – Acts 7

    LOOK:  Stephen is brought before the Sanhedrin where he gives a history of faith and a bold accusation against them.  The religious lost are so furious at Stephen that they kill him right on that spot.  Stephen sees a glimpse of Jesus before he dies and prays that the Lord will receive his spirit and he prays that God would not hold it against his murderers.  There is a brief mention of a young man named Saul (soon to become Paul) who was holding the coats for the murderers.

    LISTEN:  Stephen made a clear, concise speech that was pointed and piercing.  It cost him his life, but he was faithful to the message and powerful in the delivery.

    LEARN:  I was just thinking about delivering the history of the Bible in a concise speech.  Could you tell someone the story from Genesis to Jesus?  Something to think about today.

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