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    365 Bible Reading

    January 30 – Acts 6

    LOOK:  Seven men were chosen to help with the daily assignments necessary to live in community.  Notice the qualities these men possessed.  They were Godly men chosen to assist the apostles.  Stephen was one of these men and described as full of God’s grace and power.  He was falsely accused in an attempt to have him killed.

    LISTEN:  Serving is important.  The church is a community that also needs Godly men in leadership to make sure that the community is served and cared for.  Being a Godly man was no promise of an easy life.  Even when you live a life above reproach, you can still be persecuted.

    LEARN:  Are you serving in your church community?  Are you living a Godly life even when it is difficult and you face attacks?

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