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    365 Bible Reading

    January 26 – Acts 4

    LOOK:  The story of Peter and John continues.  They are brought before the leaders and questioned about how they healed the lame man.  They were told they had to stop speaking about Jesus.  Peter and John were bold and stated clearly that they will continue to preach about Jesus.  After leaving the trial, Peter and John go to a home to pray.  Instead of asking God to protect them, they asked God to give them the words to preach about Jesus boldly.  The passage ends with a testimony about the believers living in harmony with each other and the self-sacrificing nature of their relationship.

    LISTEN:  We continue to be challenged by the brave actions of Peter and John.  These two leaders are prime examples of taking up your cross and following Jesus.

    LEARN:  We can ask ourselves this question, “Am I willing to sacrifice everything for Jesus?”  Are you willing to stand up for the cause of Christ even when it’s hard…even when it isn’t convenient?

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