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    365 Bible Reading

    January 25 – Acts 3

    LOOK:  Peter and John heal a lame beggar at the gate to the temple on their way to afternoon prayer.  They all enter the temple and crowds gather around when they recognize the man as the one who was lame and begged for money there everyday.  Peter and John make it clear that they did not do anything in their own power but that the man was healed in the name of Jesus.  Peter uses this opportunity to preach to the people.  He holds nothing back.  He goes right after them for killing Jesus and their need to repent and believe.

    LISTEN:  Like the previous chapter, we should be challenged to see a need…meet a need and to always be prepared to preach the Gospel whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    LEARN:  We have people with needs all around us.  Some need financial help, some need physical help and some need emotional help.  We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus and offer help and then point others to the power of Jesus to change lives.

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