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    365 Bible Reading

    January 3 – Mark 3

    LOOK:  Jesus continues to heal and help people.  Jesus appoints His twelve disciples.  The crowds follow Jesus and the sick press forward to just touch Him trying to be healed.  It must have been a chaotic scene!  The religious lost try to claim that Jesus had lost His mind and was actually a crazy man.
    LISTEN:  The ministry of helping people both physically and spiritually become an overwhelming task.  Jesus keeps His focus on others instead of His own comfort.
    LEARN:  I’m thinking about the amount of time spent on my own comfort opposed to my time spent helping others.  I want to flip this in 2018.

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    2 Responses

    1. Jennifer Hefter

      Life makes it easy to get distracted, which is why we are suppose to pray without ceasing, and ” die daily” or in my case every second of the day.

    2. Pamela Ochoa

      It must have been so hard when his own family thought he was crazy and out of his mind (verse 21) and tried to take him away. He not only had the Pharisees plotting to stop him but his own family tried to stop him too. It must have not only been physically demanding but emotionally trying as well. He had a goal to serve His father no matter what was happening around him and I need to keep on that goal as well.

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