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    365 Bible Reading

    January 19 – Mark 15

    LOOK:  We continue with the trials of Jesus.  Jesus stands before Pilate as the religious lost charge Him with many crimes.  Finally, Pilate offers to release Jesus or a hardened criminal named Barabbas.  The crowd chooses Barabbas and Jesus continues to be beaten and mocked by the Roman guards.  Next we see the crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus.

    LISTEN:  I’ve always been amazed at the entire ordeal that Jesus went through in His last day before rising again victorious.  Jesus was betrayed by a friend, left alone and desperate by other friends, wrongly accused, abused by soldiers who knew how to hurt and humiliate a person, deprived of water, crown of thorns pushed onto His head, nailed to a cross, suffocating while struggling for air and worst of all…became my sin and forsaken by God His father.

    LEARN:  Whenever we read about the final day of Jesus before His death and eventual resurrection, we should be moved emotionally but also moved practically.  In other words, if the crucifixion just makes you emotional and doesn’t change your life, it is no different for you than a good story or movie.  Jesus sacrifice for us is personal and should be transforming!

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    1. I have always been touched by the story of Simon of Cyrene. I asked myself if I am ready to carry the cross for Jesus. Some days, in weakness, I say no. I pray to find the strength, through faith, to be ready to carry the cross. Even for others.

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