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    365 Bible Reading

    January 18 – Mark 14

    LOOK:  This passage tells the story of Jesus being anointed with an expensive perfume while in the house of Simon the leper (hopefully former leper).  Jesus rebukes the attendees who rebuke the woman for such an extravagant gift.  We then see Judas starting his betrayal of Jesus.  The last supper takes place and Jesus predicts Peter’s denial.  The events leading up to Jesus’ death begin to take place: The garden prayer time (I’ve been there, amazing place); The arrest; The trials; Peter’s denial of Jesus.

    LISTEN:  I’m struck by the response Jesus gives to the seemingly frugal followers that wanted to help the poor.  Jesus only had three and a half years of ministry before His death.  Jesus made it clear that He appreciates worship…He leaned into the kisses (enjoyed affection)!  The other thing I see here is the willingness of Jesus to go through the whole agonizing process…from betrayal to death.

    LEARN:  When is the last time you have lavished affection on Jesus?  Not just the sterile, corporate worship service at church, but the private worship of Jesus expressing your relationship with Him. 

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