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    365 Bible Reading

    January 17 – Mark 13

    LOOK:  Here we are told about the end of times.  We see what it will be like when Jesus comes back.  The tribulation is described and the warning to “Watch” is given.

    LISTEN: This passage probably makes you a little nervous.  I find that people get nervous when hearing about the coming tribulation, judgment and eternity.  The Bible tells us what will be happening when the time is right and tells us how bad the tribulation will be but does not tell us when it will start.

    LEARN:  The word, “Watch” is sticking with me.  I wonder how much we as Christians are keeping watch.  The danger for us as Christians today is to be dulled by the concerns of this world.  When our focus is 100% on this world and our life here and now, we lose our eternal reality.  We should live the reality that we are eternal beings living here temporarily.

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