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    365 Bible Reading

    January 16 – Mark 12

    LOOK:  This section starts with the parable of the tenants.  Jesus clearly illustrates that the religious lost have rejected the very Son of God.  Jesus then answers questions regarding paying taxes, relationships in heaven, the greatest commandment and who’s son the Messiah is.  He ends this passage by warning the people against the Pharisees and anyone who would misuse God’s people.

    LISTEN:  It appears that this passage is all about Jesus dealing with those inside the religion of the day.  There are no miracles recorded here or any contact with those in need.  Jesus is being attacked and challenged by those who want to get rid of Him.  Just a thought…not much gets done when we spend all our time fighting inside the church.  I’m shocked at the non-sense that God’s people allow themselves to focus on rather than the ministry we have been given.

    LEARN:  Drop all the drama!  Don’t focus on who we do and don’t like inside the church and start living for others.  Jesus said it, “Deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow me.”  Are you following Jesus or protecting your following at church?

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