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    365 Bible Reading

    January 15 – Mark 11

    LOOK:  Jesus comes to Jerusalem and the people greet Him like a king.  The worship and wave palm branches.  Other Gospels tell us that Jesus wept when He came to Jerusalem.  He knew the people would soon turn on Him and want Him dead.  He cried because of their unbelief.  Next, Jesus cursed the fig tree (I love to tell that story) and cleared the temple by overturning tables and making a whip.  The passage ends with the religious lost coming to question Jesus about His authority.  I love how Jesus turns the questioning back on them and then embarrasses them, making them leave defeated.

    LISTEN:  There are two times in Scripture where we see Jesus cry…at the death of Lazarus and during the triumphal entry.  He cries at Lazarus death because His friends were hurting.  He cried at the triumphal entry because of lost people.  The question we should ask is this, “How does Jesus cry for you?”  Does He cry with you when you hurt or does He cry over your unbelief in who He is? 

    LEARN:  Lots of good life application today.  Are you like those that waved palm branches when convenient and then turn on Jesus when challenged?  Are you like the fig tree that produced no fruit?  Are you like the money changers in the temple that use the church for your own gain?  Lots to think about.

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