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    365 Bible Reading

    January 12 – Mark 10

    LOOK:  Jesus gives clear expectations that marriage should be for one man and one woman for one lifetime.  Jesus then enjoys and blesses little children even after the disciples try to get rid of them.  Jesus then answers questions from the rich man about how to get to heaven.  His answer has the disciple’s heads spinning.  Jesus knew what was at the heart of this man’s question and what keeping his heart from truly following Him.  Jesus predicts His death for third time.  James and John then really blow it and ask for prominent places next to Jesus in the kingdom.  The rest of the disciples were furious.  Jesus heals the blind man named Bartimaeus to end this passage.

    LISTEN:  There are so many things in this passage, but what is hitting me right now is the clear teaching Jesus gave to the rich young ruler.  I realize that Jesus sees right through us to our hearts.  There is no hiding behind our religious duties or good deeds.  Jesus knows whether we have truly denied ourselves and taken up our cross today to follow Him.

    LEARN:  How about you?  What does Jesus see in you?  What are the things of this world that are keeping you from following Jesus with everything you’ve got.

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